Solar Modules

by | May 29, 2015



Phono Solar has been producing PV modules since 2004. More importantly, Phono’s parent company, Sumec, has been in business since 1978. As part of the Sumec Group and the Sinomach family of businesses, Phono Solar is backed by parent companies with over 15 billion US$ in annual revenue. Phono Solar was the sole PV module supplier on a recently opened 35MW facility in the Czech Republic, the 9th largest solar plant on Earth!

LG Solar


Over 50 years in the electronics industry, LG provides high performance photovoltaic modules backed by 10 – 12 year warranties. Durable, field tested, and reliable the world over, LG surpasses industry standards.



Lumos has an elegant look. Their goal is to transform the solar module installation into a work of art. Want to build a shade structure with photo-voltaic system on top? Go one step further and build a PV system that is a shade structure. Check out their projects here.