Enphase Energy has been recognized for innovation by Business Week, Time Magazine, and Popular Science, and has won an Excellence in Renewable Energy award from Renewable Energy World. Enphase has installed over 600,000 microinverters (more than 25,000 installations) with a fail rate of .207% as compared to traditional string inverters from 2008-2010, in a study done by industry installers.

Enphase is so confident in their product, they offer a 25-year limited warranty on their microinverter and offer a 100% system uptime guarantee.

SMA America, founded in 1981, is the world leader in solar inverter technology with over three gigawatts installed and manufacturing divisions in nine countries on four continents. SMA inverters have been proven over time to consistently perform in extreme and oceanic environments.

Power-One has recently established itself as the world’s second largest provider of solar inverters. Power-One’s focus on high-efficiency “green” power solutions has proven to provide a wide range of customer benefits including inverters with reduced energy consumption, improved energy harvesting capabilities, increased power densities, better performance in elevated ambient-temperature environments, and less dissipated heat which lowers system and site-level cooling costs.

Advanced Energy and PV Powered (recently acquired by Advanced Energy) have a collective history of industry innovation, driven by a commitment to power conversion efficiency and inverter reliability that lead the market. PV Powered follows their mission to deliver the lowest levelized cost of energy and the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Together, PV Powered and Advanced Energy offer the broadest technology and product portfolio in the industry and continue to progress solar industry standards.