by | May 29, 2015

Enphase Enlighten

enphaseenphase micro-inverter

Enphase Enlighten Monitoring allows a granular, module-level monitoring that no string or central inverter can provide today. The Enphase Enlighten monitoring system provides detailed daily, monthly, and yearly production reports — and is free for the life of any Enphase Microinverter system.


SMA Webconnect


SMA’s Webconnect provides a monitoring option for larger systems where monitoring individual modules for production is too costly or not feasible¬† Without additional equipment, SMA inverters can communicate directly with Sunny Portal. It’s plug and play compatibility allows for a quick connection. Sunny Portal is accessible using a home office computer or mobile devices.

Fronius Datalogger

Fronius Logo Fronius_Datalogger

Fronius’¬†Ethernet based technology monitoring system, Datalogger, provides real time system information for up to 100 inverters. It acts as a web server and automatically converts system data into a website. Regardless of operating system, it can be ccessed by several users simultaneously.